Peptide A Protein Building Game

Peptide: A Protein Building Game

$19.99 (Preorder Now! – Shipping May 2017) 

Players compete to link Amino Acids side-by-side, building what’s called a Peptide Chain (another fancy word for a protein). In order to build this protein, players must first make a set of thoughtful selections from a number of openly available Organelle Cards. Selected Organelle Cards are removed from that round’s available options, creating an interactive open-card-drafting mechanic. (Only available through pre-order. Peptide will be shipping in May and June of 2017)

– Peptide Rulebook (PDF Download)

Each Organelle Card rewards players with either resources or actions. Molecular resources include ATP for energy and mRNA nucleotides, while cellular actions include attaching an amino acid to a tRNA molecule, matching an amino acid to its mRNA codon, or connecting an amino acid to your growing Peptide Chain. Points are scored based upon the types of Amino Acids in your Peptide Chain, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

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