MFST - Harcvoder Books - Full Set

My First Science Textbooks

Like chemistry textbooks, but way more fun for kids! Learn about some of the most fundamental concepts in science BEFORE the social pressure and intimidation of formal schooling. Let your imagination roam while you and your kiddo ponder what’s it like to live inside an atom!

This is a three part series consisting of: (1) Book 1 – Protons and Neutrons, (2) Book 2 – Electrons, (3) Book 3 – The Atom!

Why My First Science Textbooks Are Amazing!

  • They spark scientific curiosity and wonder in children
  • They help start family conversations about how the world works
  • They provide a framework from which it becomes easy to teach kids about science!

Why I Created Children’s Chemistry Books

I spend a lot of time reading to my two-year old daughter and am amazed at how quickly she soaks up information about the world around her; colors, numbers, and even incredible detail about the characters in stories…

I’ve also spent a lot of time teaching chemistry, and no matter what age my students are, they all face similar difficulties – the most common hurdle hindering their progress is a perception of science and chemistry as intimidating.

I wanted to find a fun and memorable way to introduce my daughter to this same content, before she developed that perception!

Whether I’m teaching 5th grade, or teaching a college course, the basics of chemistry are all the same.The world we live in is made out of essentially three tiny particles: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons.

A Peek Inside My First Science Textbooks

My First Chemistry Textbooks come in both hardcover children’s books and board books for younger kids. Each has 26 pages of full color, scientific chemistry content.

The first book follows Pete the Proton and Ned the Neutron as they get together to build, well… EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

In fact, YOU are built out protons and neutrons. See? You’re already learning about how awesome subatomic particles are. But wait, we’re missing one VERY important subatomic particle; the electron!

Ellie is our sparky little electron! And she’s the subject of the second book!

The third book compile all of these and cover the topic of how these particles come together to form Atoms!