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After studying chemistry in-depth in college, getting a masters degree in environmental and chemical engineering, then teaching chemistry for a couple years, I have come to the conclusion that the topic of chemistry is often over-complicated with complex formulas and equations while the instruction of the subject has become unattached from reality and rather uninteresting.

I think this gives students a bad taste and creates an aversion to the subject in the public eye.

My hope is to write simple, bite-size lessons that use real-world examples and can be read in just a couple minutes. Whether you’re studying the topic in school or you’re simply curious about chemistry, you can read one or more posts in just a couple minutes each day in order to gain a practical grasp of the fundamental concepts which govern how our world functions!

So, lets start at the beginning:


Chemistry Lesson #1 – Chemistry Can Shape the Way You View the World

Chemistry Lesson #2 – Making Sense of Chemistry

Chemistry Lesson #3 – Making Sense of the Scale

Chemistry Lesson #4 – Subatomic Particles – An Intro

Chemistry Lesson #5 – Subatomic Particles  – Particle Sizes

Chemistry Lesson #6 – Subatomic Particles – The Difference between Mass and Weight

Chemistry Lesson #7 – Subatomic Particles – Particle Mass


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  1. Laura Smith
    Laura Smith says:

    As a homeschooling parent of a 9 yr old, I’m so grateful to you for putting this info out there. I’m about to contribute to your kickstarter for the books and purchase your Linkage game. I saw somewhere that you were looking for story suggestions. This year I purchased a set of books called “The Adventurous Mailbox”. It’s action/adventure/mystery series that can be purchased just for the books, or you can add the on-line ‘Teacher’s Lounge’. Each book takes place in a different country and really does a great job of teaching world cultures. The teacher’s lounge has full lesson plans with writing, vocabulary, geography, and social studies. Check it out.

  2. Benjamin Tansky
    Benjamin Tansky says:

    Our son LOVE Pete the Proton and all three books! He keeps asking me to put Pete the Proton and Elle the Electron on TV. Any chance you have a children’s TV series in the works?


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